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Be a Part of the Most Prestigious Boys’ Youth Soccer Tournament

The Dallas Cup, North America's oldest and most celebrated youth soccer event, is set to take place from April 1-9 2023. We carefully handpick the best teams out of hundreds of qualified applicants globally. If your boys' soccer team is looking for an incomparable tournament experience, apply to the Dallas Cup today!

Elite Competition

The Dallas Cup is an invitation-only youth soccer tournament, bringing together some of the best teams from all over the world. This elevated level of competition is an excellent opportunity for players to test their skills and continue growing as athletes. We work to create a tournament with 40% international teams, 40% state-side teams, and 20% local teams.

International Exposure

Playing in the Dallas Cup also means being exposed to various styles of play, as teams from different countries bring their own unique approaches to the game. This experience is valuable for players, as it allows them to observe and learn from different techniques. There is also an opportunity to connect with people from other cultures, and local players host international players, creating lasting friendships and memories.

Excellence on and off the Field

The Dallas Cup is not just about soccer — it is also a chance for players to showcase their sportsmanship and character. Our tournament promotes fair play, respect, and camaraderie both on and off the field. Participants in the Dallas Cup also learn life lessons by visiting children's hospitals, advocacy centers, schools, and homeless shelters.

Prestigious History

The Dallas Cup has a long history of success, and alumni of the cup includes the likes of David Beckham, Clint Dempsey, Chicharito, Landon Donovan, Raul, Andrea Pirlo, Michael Bradley, and Wayne Rooney. Past participants have gone on to become professional soccer players and even World Cup winners.

Apply For the 2023 Dallas Cup presented by Coca-Cola!

Don't miss out on the opportunity for your boys' soccer team to compete in this prestigious tournament. Apply now and join a successful history of international youth soccer competition at the Dallas cup. Let's see what your team is made of!


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