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The Dallas Cup is an invitation-only tournament, assuring a high standard of competition for all participating teams. Historically, the tournament consists of about 40% international teams, 40% state-side teams, and 20% local teams.

Partnerships with referee academies from across the globe give the Dallas Cup its international reputation of having the best officiating of any youth soccer tournament in the world.

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For four decades, Diversity and Inclusion has served as the foundation of Dallas Cup's core values. The tournament's diversity starts with elite athletes from around the world and extends to cultural education initiatives in the community. With at least 30 countries represented every year, Dallas Cup is North Texas' most diverse and international annual event

Dallas Cup made world headlines with its Peace Team initiatives that brought teams from tumultuous countries to the tournament. New inclusion efforts like the Girls Invitational and the Black Star Initiative, which will bring inner-city teams to the tournament, continue to grow this important pillar of Dallas Cup.




The Dallas Cup is about more than just soccer competition at the highest level. Participants learn important life lessons with visits to children’s hospitals, advocacy centers, schools, and homeless shelters

Through the Dallas Cup Home Stay program, local teams that qualify for the tournament agree to host players from an international team and provide these international players room and board during the tournament.

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