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Calling All Volunteers!

The Dallas Cup is the most prestigious youth soccer tournament in the United States. It was founded by the Texas Longhorns Soccer Club in 1980 as a way for the club to return the friendship shown to their teams that had traveled throughout Europe. The Dallas Cup is an invitation-only tournament, assuring a high standard of competition for all participating teams.

Seeing how big the Dallas Cup is on the world stage, you could only imagine how many volunteers are needed to keep the tournament running smoothly. We are looking for volunteers willing to give their time and effort to help make the Dallas Cup a success. In this blog post, we will discuss four ways volunteers help to make soccer tournaments like Dallas Cup a success! Questions? Contact us today.



Dallas Cup has partnerships with referee academies from across the globe, giving it an international reputation for having the best officiating of any youth soccer tournament in the world. Volunteers are needed to help manage referees to ensure that the Dallas Cup has a high standard of competition on and off the field.



Volunteers are also needed to help run concessions and vendors. They will be responsible for collecting money, stocking supplies, and handling customer complaints in a professional manner. Volunteers can also help with organizing events outside of the Dallas Cup, such as charity events or tournaments hosted by local clubs.



The Dallas Cup needs volunteers to help with tournament administration. Tasks may include registering teams, communicating with coaches, and organizing events outside the Dallas Cup. Volunteers with administrative experience can also help Dallas Cup in promoting its mission and raising awareness throughout its community.


Field Maintenance

Throughout the Dallas Cup, volunteers will also be responsible for making sure that all fields are in top condition. This includes picking up trash, maintaining the goalposts and nets, and helping to set up fields before each game.


At the Dallas Cup, volunteers are essential to ensuring a successful tournament. If you would like to volunteer your time and energy for the Dallas Cup, contact us today to learn more about our volunteer opportunities. Let’s make the Dallas Cup a success together!


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