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Be a Part of the Most Prestigious Girls’ Youth Soccer Tournament

The Dallas Cup is the oldest and most prestigious international youth soccer tournament in North America, and it will be held from April 1 to April 9, 2023. Dallas Cup selects the best teams from hundreds of qualified applicants from around the world. If you're a girls' soccer team looking for the best youth soccer tournament, apply for the Dallas Cup today!

Compete Against Top International Competition

Playing in the Dallas Cup will give your team the opportunity to compete against top international competition and showcase your skills on a global stage. Additionally, participating in the Dallas Cup allows players to experience diverse cultures and make connections with teams from all over the world.

Elite Competition

The Dallas Cup boasts the highest level of competition, with only the best teams being selected to participate. This level of competition will challenge your team and push them to their limits, leading to growth and improvement as players.

Top College and Professional Scouts

Another benefit of participating in the Dallas Cup is the presence of top college and professional scouts in attendance. The Dallas Cup is a prime opportunity for players to showcase their skills and potentially be noticed by scouts, leading to potential college and professional opportunities.

Community Engagement

The Dallas Cup is about more than just competition. Participants in the youth soccer tournament give back by visiting children's hospitals, advocacy centers, homeless shelters, and more. Local teams also host players from international teams, providing both room and board while also building friendships and cultural connections.

Apply For The 2023 Dallas Cup Girls' Invitational presented by Mary Kay Today!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to compete against top international teams and showcase your skills to top scouts. Girls' soccer teams should consider applying for the Dallas Cup Girls' Invitational to take their game to the next level. Apply for the Dallas Cup today!


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